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F IT Sorts Stress

F**k It Sorts Stress

Damn stress and anxiety. They are (generally) miserable companions on this journey on life.  And many people can’t shake them off, no matter what they try.

Not only do they make us feel miserable (aka ‘stressed’ and ‘anxious’) but they are bad for us.  If there’s one thing that western and eastern medicine agree on, it’s that stress makes you sick.  But you know it anyway – you don’t need a doctor (western or eastern) to tell you that.  You know how you feel when you’re really stressed or anxious (shakey, intestinal trouble, nauseous, etc.).  Underneath, just the extra release of cortisol is wearing you out, ageing you.

And how is it for the people around you, or for your job?
Imagine how different you’d be if you were more relaxed and carefree.

Join this 21 Day Programme to begin saying F**k It to Stress TODAY

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