Be Ridiculously Relaxed: Full Package

What is 'Being Ridiculously Relaxed'?

Well, it's the kind of relaxation that very people experience very often, if at all.

It's the kind of relaxed that you might have felt as a kid, or on a fantastic holiday,
or on a particularly good night out with friends, or having a massage.

But maybe not even that.

Because this level of 'ridiculous' relaxation comes with a full-on awareness that you're deeply relaxed, 
a little like the deep calm of deep sleep, but with your eyes wide open and your brain conscious.

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Be Ridiculously Relaxed: Full Package

This "Be Ridiculously Relaxed" Full Package offer includes:

Be Ridiculously Relaxed: The Evening Retreat

Ooohhhh, you'll love this.  Get a cup of tea and put your feet up and listen to this in front of the fire.
A lot of people go back and back to this one recording to get their fix of Being Ridiculously Relaxed.
This one recording will allow you to touch serious relaxation and bring that into your life.

The Science Of Relaxation 101

A fundamental part of the monthly membership I run ('F**k It Revolution', open to new members roughly once a year) is the 'WHY' of doing the things we do.  And the big 'why' around relaxation is very important to understand.  Why the heck should I take relaxation in my life seriously?  Well, here's some of the answer: 24 minutes of me summarising the science behind stress and relaxation, and why it REALLY MATTERS.

"Beep" it, It Doesn't Matter So Much movie by John C Parkin

This is one of my favourite F**k It things I've done.  It's me reading my short 'F**k It, It Doesn't Matter So Much' book over a lovely animated film to music that I composed and recorded.
In just 15 minutes of this immersive experience, you'll have a deep and full realisation that most things don't matter so much after all (and that is VERY VERY relaxing).

The Emergency Relaxation Video

A 3 minute video of me sitting in the woods of The Hill That Breathes in Italy taking you through this special Emergency Relaxation.
No grey hair in this one, but plenty of relaxation  :-)

All packed up neatly in one Ridiculously Relaxing Bundle.

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