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John & Gaia

“I love reading your emails, you have a way of making people feel very calm!"”

John & Gaia

“It is so great to be able to read your posts and listen to your talks. I love all your books and pass them on to my family and friends!"”

John & Gaia

“Totally changed my career since my Retreat in Pesaro. Life is so much better."”

Who Are John & Gaia?

John & Gaia are the authors of the bestselling 'Beep' It books (replace "Beep" with the F word, we're just trying to keep it polite here - not everyone who comes across us is ready for our unique approach to life).

They are an anglo-Italian couple who met in London, then said 'Beep' It to London life and fled to Italy with their twin baby boys to set up a retreat centre (The Hill That Breathes).
They soon had the 'Beep' It idea: that saying this can be therapeutic, even spiritual, and were soon writing books and teaching 'Beep' It above everything else (and getting press attention from around the world.

As a coach / therapist team, they offer powerful guidance in how to relax, let go, be more yourself and generally live a better life via books, online courses, memberships and retreats.
They now live back in the UK, in Brighton, by the sea.

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