Survive whatever life throws at you, the F**k It way

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The F**k It Survival Guides are a series of short videos created by John C. Parkin and Gaia Pollini, authors of the bestselling F**k It books.

In each of the eleven videos (averaging 5 minutes each), John & Gaia offer their condensed wisdom and their ‘F**k It’ angle on a subject that many people need help with. These guides offer John & Gaia’s unique and transformative take and the subjects that trouble us the most.

These guides can really help us survive the troubles of modern life.

GBP 197.00 (including 20% VAT)
GBP 197.00 (including 20% VAT)
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Imagine being able to put on a pair of glasses that allow you to see everything in a F**k IT way...

GBP 197.00 (including 20% VAT)